This is a public page for Evergreen Notes a chrome extension to facilitate networked notetaking in Notion:

Evergreen Notes (for Notion)

Evergreen Notes (For Notion)

🗞 News

Open source code

🎇 I've open-sourced evergreen notes for notion: The source code is available here.

<aside> 📢 Currently I don't have time to work on this anymore. It's been a fun ride, I've switched to obsidian and it's much better for note taking. Notion is still my knowledge repository, but not where I take notes.


🌲Why evergreen notes?

Notion is a great tool, wonderful to organize your life. However there are a few things missing with regards to seeing the connection between your different notes and topics. These are things that applications like Roam & Obsidian excel at.

Evergreen Notes brings the power of networked notes and combines it with Notions organization, powerful database system and beautiful design. It makes it easy to see your related notes use networked knowledge management to produce better work. All your references, backlinks relations and mentions are right in the sidebar.

Additionally, your notes are easier to disseminate. It shows your highlights in the current page and other important information at a glance. The ever present table of contents will also help you navigate large notes. (Link)

Its important to be able to access information without getting distracted to keep flow. The extension and sidebar helps give you all the information you need without loosing context. You can even search in the sidebar for notes without having to switch out. (Link)